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Community Health Advocates (CHA) Program

 What is CHA?

Community Health Advocates is part of a network of 25 Community-based Organizations that help people get access to health care or insurance coverage in their communities and throughout New York State. Our mission is to help the most vulnerable New Yorkers get the care they need from groups in the neighborhoods where they live and work. CHA also run a central hotline that helps people during business hours in all languages. (1-888-614-5400)  



CHA Services:

  • Get Health Insurance- Our advocates provide information and education about health care programs and services. We can refer clients to several free or low-cost public health insurance programs, commercial health insurance, or any other programs available for people who don’t have or can’t afford health insurance.
  • Keep Health Insurance- Our advocates can help people keep their current health insurance coverage by assisting with the recertification process of public or commercial insurance. We can also help clients fill out Cobra documents or address any issues.
  • Access Health Care- Once the clients are covered we can help them understand their rights & responsibilities. Assist them in any needed medical services, untreated health conditions, medical debt, and gaps in insurance coverage.


 Examples of Services:  

Assistance with Other Health Insurance Programs (Employer based, C.O.B.R.A., Healthy NY, NY Bridge Plan), Charity Care / Sliding Fee Programs, Filing Complaints & Appeals, Discounted Prescription Assistance, Fair Hearings Guidance, Finding or Changing Doctors, Switching Health Plans



Information for a Healthy New York


Continuation of Employer Health Coverage




 Healthy NY

Insurance coverage for small businesses and working individuals.